Local Heroes: Series portraits of local entrepreneurs (or other heroes) who make a valuable contribution to the neighborhood.


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Beloved neighborhood supermarket

Aziz is a man of few words, calm in nature but always very busy. Twenty three years ago he opened Mikros, the small neighborhood supermarket on the corner of Piet Heinstraat and the Zoutmanstraat. You are welcome here. Many customers come daily, some even several times a day.

In the meantime, Aziz has run the shop together with his eldest son Fatih. When I ask Fatih what he is most proud of, he says: “On my father and on what he has achieved. He has never been afraid to take business as an entrepreneur and has always invested in the store. “Like his father, Fatih does not quickly express himself:” I’m very easy going. No stress for me, it usually does not work out. So relax”


Remziye, the temperamental oldest daughter, on the other hand, makes it quite different. “No do not argue with me. I’m harder than my brothers and sister. I thought it would get less hard in time, but It’s only getting worse. According to my mother, it’s good that I’m not a boy, because I’d always be on a fight. “

Ayse, the youngest daughter (see photo) is softer. She also works in the store, like her two younger brothers Ahmet and Ismail. Business management is never a hassle. Everyone has the fullest confidence in Aziz and Fatih.

The range of products is surprisingly large. Fatih: “We offer as many products as the Albert Heijn does not have.” Vegetables, fruits and bread are the most important product groups. But you can also go for organic apple juice, dried goji berries and other ‘super foods’. “We are always looking for new products. For example, we have, Old Dutch’s sweets and gelatin-free drops. There is a lot of demand for it. “


Since the beginning of this year, Mikros also sells bread and baked bread from “Lekker Brood” bakery. This bakery had a store a little further in the street but could not stay there. Just before the move, the baker’s wife walked in here to buy something. “Can’t you sell our bread here?” She asked, half as a joke. In no time it was there. At Mikros a corner was furnished, the counter was worn to it and there he created the unique shop-into-shop. In time it proved to be a success for all. The neighborhood is happy that Lekker Brood is still available, the baker is happy because his bread is being sold well and it brought Mikros many new customers.

“Small business owners give each other a lot and help each other. And the fun is that we all get better! “Fatih understood it well and, and as proud he is of his father, As proud can his father at least for him.

Tekst: Florine Kuethe
Foto: Harry Verwayen


” Following the trends of cookbooks”

Over two thirds of Dutch companies with staff appear to be a family business. This also applies to the supermarket Mikros of the Karabulut family on the Piet Heinstraat in The Hague. In 1993, Aziz Karabulut started with this store, and over time his daughter Remziye and son Fatih joined. In the meantime, father and son run the store together …

Bron: interview British American Tobacco Connect, Onderzoekscentrum Nyenrode, Center for Entrepreneurship, Juli 2013



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