Where you could choose from Cola, Fanta or Sprite or apple juice a few years ago, the choices for soft drinks and juices are now endless. A trend we like to follow at the Mikros. In addition to the current soda and juices assortment, we are constantly looking for refreshing, surprising and tasty beverages. And good to know: the vast majority of these drinks have been cooled. Very useful in summer!

You will find the whole assortment of Juices of Schulp (total assortment), Olmenhorst, American soft drinks, various types of coconut water, German soft drinks such as Fritz Cola. The healthy Vitamin Well thirst lesers, the different flavors of the ancient brand Maaza. The organic soda and juices range is also large. And you want to get started to make the most delicious drink: choose Belvoir’s syrups.


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